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Work with Me - Tonya Crombie

Are you ready to make changes in your life?

Are you feeling stuck and need a partner who will support you and be in your corner every step of the way?

Let’s work together!

You should know I’m smart, funny, and I work really hard on those things I care about. And I care about my clients. When we work together, you can trust me to be loving but brutally honest.

I offer several packages below and will also create personalized coaching packages for individuals and groups.

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One on One Coaching

Whether you are struggling to feel more joyful or to meet your goals or you just don’t know what’s next, individual coaching can help you see more clearly those things that might be hindering your progress and determine next steps.

My one-on-one coaching packages include 2 individually-tailored and customized 60-minute phone sessions each month. In these sessions, you will receive tips, ideas, and action steps to complete between our sessions. I am also available to my coaching clients Monday through Friday via text or email between our sessions when you have questions or just need additional support.

Intense Focus Coaching Package

Work with me one-on-one over a 3 month period to tackle one focused issue.


Strategic Guidance Package

When you need a bit more time to thoughtfully work through your next steps, this 6 month package is ideal.


Figure-Out-What's-Next Coaching Package

Are you struggling to make a big decision like where to go to college, what to major in, what job to take, where to focus your talents? Do you need more information to help you?

This package combines coaching with informative personalized information about you from well-developed and researched strengths and personality tests. In the initial 2 sessions, I focus on getting to know you or your teenager and I share key findings from the strengths and happiness research. You or your teen will complete several computerized inventories at your convenience outside of our sessions.   I will compile the data from the tests and from our discussions (along with information gathered from the client’s parents when available). In the final sessions, I will review your results with you and discuss how to use the data in making wise life decisions. The final output of this process is a report describing your key strengths AND tools and suggestions on how to identify passions and to evaluate opportunities later in life.  And of course, I will be available for follow-up discussions when you face new challenges and opportunities.

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Are you ready to take the next step?

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PLEASE NOTE: Coaching is not therapy and while I do have a Ph.D. in psychology, I am not a therapist. The easiest way to explain the difference between therapy and coaching is to think about a similar model from the world of physical health. When you are ill, you see a doctor. When you are healthy but want to improve your health you enlist a personal trainer. The relationship between therapy and coaching are similar. If you are suffering from trauma and/or many common behavioral or psychological issues such as depression or anxiety, a psychologist, licensed therapist, or counselor would best serve your needs. Coaching focuses on what is going well, your unique gifts and talents and things that may be holding you back from reaching your full potential.

Are you wondering what to do next?

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