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Dr. Crombie on The Brooklyn Cafe Show


I am a certified life coach and the best-selling author of Stop Worrying About your Anxious Child. I also have a Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and an MBA.

However, in addition to being someone with letters behind my name,  I am the mom of two teenagers both of whom have had their own struggles with anxiety. All of my work as a coach, speaker, writer, and facilitator is informed by my own experience as the parent of perfect children who have struggled with anxiety and stress.

Everything I do is driven by my desire to help young people manage and thrive in the high-pressure, stressful world in which we live. 

You can see video clips HERE. Or HERE. Or HERE

My work has been featured in The Invisible Illness, P.S. I Love You, Be Unique, and Candour.  You can find me on FaceBook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube.

Favorite Topics:

How to recognize anxiety in kids (and everyone).

How to tell the difference between everyday stress and true anxiety.

What anyone can do anywhere to help tame anxious feelings.

The counter-intuitive tip I give every one of my clients to help their anxious kiddos.

Three different ways to think about anxiety.


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