Worried your teen won’t be ready for what comes after high school?  Do they have no idea what to do next?  Do they seem completely unprepared for college and the “real world”? Are they paralyzed?  Unable to even discuss the future?  Does every conversation result in tears or an argument? Do you feel completely helpless because you aren’t sure what to do or how to help?

You can stop worrying. 

You can help your child manage their anxiety.

Your child can have the bright future that they deserve. 

Hi.  I’m Dr. Tonya Crombie. I’m a certified life coach, the bestselling author of Stop Worrying About Your Anxious Child and Stop Worrying About Your Anxious Teenager. And I’m also the parent of a perfect anxious teenager, just like you.  I teach parents how to help their anxious teenagers so they’re ready for whatever comes after high school. 

In Stop Worrying About Your Anxious Teenager, we will :

* Help you and your teen make the very best decisions for the future

* Create a plan to support your anxious teen as they take their next steps into the future.

* Actually improve your relationship with your anxious teen

* AND create a happier and calmer home for everyone.

Are you ready to help your child claim their bright future?

The clock is ticking.  Your child WILL take that next step.  They will leave the nest and go out into the world. 

Let’s get started making sure they’re ready!

Let’s discuss if Stop Worrying About Your Anxious Teen is right for you and your teen.

Need more details on Stop Worrying About Your Anxious Teenager?

Here’s what you get:

On-going support from someone who has actually been there.

Training and guidance on how and when to use proven science-based tips, tools, and techniques for managing anxiety

Readiness Assessment to determine where/how your teen might need assistance

A customized plan of action for any gaps identified by the Readiness Assessment and expert guidance on how to address those gaps

A Strengths Assessment process for your teenager including expert interpretation and personalized feedback

Tailored and targeted Coaching Sessions to address problems as they arise

Access to an expert who knows what your life is really like and will laugh and cry with you as you and your teen navigate this path

BONUS: Enrollment for BOTH you and your teen in 6 Week Positive Intelligence Program and usage of the PQ App – a $2000 value!!

Let’s discuss if Stop Worrying About Your Anxious Teen is a good fit for you and your teen.