Are you starting to feel like your child’s anxiety may be more of an issue than you thought?  Are you completely focused on doing whatever you can to help your anxious child yet you still feel like you're failing?  Does it sometimes feel like everyone else is so busy judging and giving advice that they can’t love your child just the way they are? Are you afraid that your child’s anxiety will prevent them from having a best friend or even a close group of friends?  Is your dream come true that your child will learn to cope with their anxiety so they can have a happy successful life filled with friends?

You can stop worrying.  Anxious to Calm is a program specifically designed for you. In our time together, we will work to manage your child’s anxiety so you can relax, enjoy parenthood, and begin to trust in your child’s bright future again.

Hi.  I’m Dr. Tonya Crombie. I’m a certified life coach, the bestselling author of Stop Worrying About Your Anxious Child. And I’m the parent of a perfect anxious teenager, just like you.  I help parents manage their children’s anxiety so that their kids are ready for whatever comes next.  Together we'll tackle how to:

• Deal with judgment from well-meaning friends and others
• Sift through all of the advice you hear and read and determine what will work for your child
• Stay calm even when the stress is especially tough
• Create a support system that really supports you and your child

Anxious to Calm will give parents tools and techniques to get ahead of these issues and feel more prepared to deal with them as they occur.

The goal of the program is to make this school year calm, less chaotic, and less stressful- not only for your anxious child but also for you and for your entire family. If your dream come true is that your child will learn to cope with their anxiety and have a happy successful life filled with friends, this program is for you.

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There’s one last thing you should know about the program and me.  While everything above is absolutely true, I am a mom of an anxious teen and a certified coach with a Ph.D. in psychology AND I am extremely serious and passionate about helping parents.  BUT I don’t want you to get the idea that this is going to be heavy or boring or like going back to school yourself.  I am a lover of fun.  I like to laugh and dance and wear awesome shoes.  There will be pop music and dance challenges included - I wouldn’t want to do this unless we could have some fun along the way too.

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