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Dr. Tonya Crombie is a certified life coach who likes nothing better than teaching parents how to help children who struggle with stress and anxiety  Tonya has a doctorate in Organizational Psychology and an MBA.  She founded her coaching practice after leaving a successful corporate career to have more time with her family.  She lives just outside of New Orleans, LA with her awesome husband, two amazing kids - including a beautifully perfect anxious child -and two extremely barky dogs.

A personal note from Tonya:

Hey there, new friend!!  Are you struggling to figure out how to help a child who is struggling with stress and anxiety?  Have you seen your bright, energetic child change into someone who seems defeated before the day even starts?  Do you sometimes feel like you don't recognize the child standing in front of you anymore?  Wouldn't it be awesome to know exactly what to do to help your child calm down, relax, and feel confident and capable again?

Figuring out how to help a child who is struggling with overwhelming stress, fear, or anxiety can be so difficult for the people who love them the most.  I know because when my child's struggles were at their worst, I felt like I had NO IDEA what to do to help.  As the mother of a brilliant funny child who was crippled by fears and worries, I know the struggles all too well.  I spent many a sleepless night and dread-filled day wondering how my child was going to get through the day, much less achieve the bright future I knew she was capable of achieving.

So this book is a love letter to every other parent who is feeling exactly the way I felt when my child seemed stressed and anxious all the time.

If you're struggling too, I get it!  If you'd like to talk to someone who knows exactly what it's like and what you're going through, let's chat.  You can schedule a free call at a time that's convenient for you by clicking HERE.

You don't have to suffer alone.  I know what you are going through and I know how to help you through it.  Now is the perfect time to help your perfect amazing kid.  You can stop worrying!

If you're ready to sleep peacefully. If you want to get through the day without flinching every time you get a call or text. If you want to reconnect with the carefree child you once knew, reach out to me today and take that first step to help your child and you have the awesome life you both deserve.

Wishing you and your amazing child nothing but the best!  -Tonya